Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I.D. Inspiration

Jonathan Adler. Gotta love their MANIFESTO.

Kelly Wearstler. Married the hotelier. Good strategy! ;p

Monday, January 08, 2007

Classroom Lesson and Real Life Lesson # 1

Today's class: Color Rendering 1
Lesson # 1: Flatwash

Looks pretty simple, eh? Not quite. Before, I really had a problem because when I would use watercolor to color in, say, a big section of a wall, it would all be streaky and the color wouldn't be evenly distributed on the wall. It turns out that there's a certain way of doing it, and that's what our professor showed us during this morning's demonstration. Ang galing, it was like a magic! Hehehe. Ganon pala 'yon. I'm in the middle of doing my homework right now. It has just the right balance of difficulty and enjoyability in it, which is great!

Oh, the other day, I went on my first ever ocular visit to a friend's house to look at his room. It'll be a collaborative design project with two of my good friends, Meg and Kaye. In terms of design experience, they're way ahead of me. Kaye will be an Interior Design graduate in a few months, while Meg finished her Industrial Design degree last year. So hopefully, they'll take the lead when it comes to the more technical stuff and I'll just do my best with what I know so far. I'm really excited about this project. I hope to learn a lot, and of course, design a really cool room. Here's one section of it:

That's Joseph, our client. His room has a great view of the Ortigas area and a perfect view of the sunset each day. His room has potential...I hope we get to maximize it with our design. Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

What's Inside My Case

Today, January 8, 2007, is a special day. First, it's someone's anniversary. Yihee. Second, it's the 4th season premiere of one of my favorite TV shows. And third, it's the first day of my 3rd term at Interior Design school!

In just a few hours, I'll be on my way to school for the first time on this new year. What to expect? Well, I have five subjects this term, as opposed to last term's four. That just means one thing: A more sleep-deprived Misty! Besides not functioning all too well on only a couple of hours of sleep, I really, really, really hate the eye bags! I look terrible. Does anyone know of a good eye cream or any remedy to combat those fugly dark circles under the eyes? Ahh, vanity.

Of course, in all my O.C.-ness and in preparation for later, I cleaned out my dusty and grimy pencil case and all its contents. I love Magic Eraser! It cleans everything, even those sticky stuff from the back of stickers. Besides using it on my pencil case, I also use it to clean my iBook and drafting board. It's really great for hard-to-remove stains. You can buy it at most hardware stores. Anyway, here's a peek into my pencil case:

It contains the following items:

Several Staedtler pencils in different shades
Metallic pens in Silver and Gold
Kokuyo Cutter
Fan Scale
A couple of clutch pencils
Rotring Isograph pens in .01, .03, and .05
Artline pens in .03 and .05
Mechanical pencil
Lead refills for clutch pencils
Clutch pencil sharpener
Kneaded Eraser
Regular Eraser
Masking tape (not shown)

I really should call it my pencil-and-others case. I love it because it holds a lot, and because I cute-ified it with nice stickers!

Anyway, I should really be sleeping now. I promise to post more often. See you soon!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Heart for Art

The first ever piece of art I got was a shirt with a print by Lala Gallardo, one of my favorite local artists. I bought it at Rockwell's Independent Lifestyles section at Analog Soul, a store that sells various graphic designed merchandise. It was a good deal, considering my student budget. For P600, I got to buy art that I both liked and could wear.

First of all, let me just say that the shirt may not be my first, first ever piece of art because I may have other things in my possession that can be considered as art. However, this was the first thing that I got with the conscious intent of buying art. Initially, I had my eye on a ceramic tile being sold at another store with the artist's design, but as with many art pieces, it was way over my budget. When I found out that the artist was doing a collaboration with Analog Soul to design some merchandise, I immediately set a date to visit the store to get one of her things. I settled for the shirt because, as I said, it served a double purpose for me.

Second of all, I cannot tell you how Lala Gallardo became one of my favorite artists, or what attracted me to her art. I simply cannot explain it! I don't know what she wants to put through her art, nor does her art have any particular meaning for me. It's just that, when I look at her art, I get this feeling. What feeling, you may ask? I myself don't know. But when I read the article "Art Smarts" by Gino de la Paz in the latest issue of Real Living magazine, I found my answer. It said:

"Go with your gut. An intuitive reaction to artwork is crucial. But together with a lump in your throat or tears in your eyes, you also need to square off that original feeling with a pleasant image in your mind...Looking at a work of art should only make you happy."

Yep, that's it. It must be that -- looking at her art, or any art that I like for that matter, makes me happy. For others, it may be more complex than simply being happy about a piece of art. Nut for an art beginner like me, happiness is more than enough.

These days, it is true that shopping for art has become a more relaxed and fun experience. I've only recently been exposed to these affordable artworks when I started watching gigs a few summers ago at places like Saguijo and Cubao X, where quaint little shops have sprouted up selling affordable art. I love going to these places because there is beauty almost everywhere I look. Beautiful people, beautiful music, and beautiful art.

As I see more of this kind of art around me made by young people like myself, the more I get the feeling that it is also possible for me to make art, to make people happy like I have been made happy. I don't just want to start an art collection -- I want to make my own, too. For others, it may be painting, sculpture, or graphic design. For me, at least in the future, it will be Interior Design. It will be through Interior Design that I will get to express myself and produce art that fits, art that is a reflection of people.


Wouldn't it be just grand if it turned out that I wasn't destined to be an Interior Designer after all? But the truth is, wherever life takes me, I will be there -- Interior Designer or not.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Up Late

It's the tail end of my 2nd term at design school. Yipee!!! Two terms down, six to go! Riiight.

Right now, it's three a.m. and I'm still up finishing a plate that I have to turn in tomorrow. Mechanical Drawing stuff, blech. It's all so...technical! Add to that the fact that I have a newbie for a professor, ergo, does not know how to teach.

But...I enjoyed most of my others. I particularly liked my History of Art and Architecture class. Not only did I learn about the oh-so-important period styles from the Prehistoric era down to the Contemporary, I also got to visit beautiful places like this...

and this...

and this...

You would never think that these beautiful structures could be found in a cemetery, of all places, but they're there! At the La Loma Catholic Cemetery, to be specific. The places is beautiful, in a creepy kind of way. Go visit and get a chance to learn a little bit of art history. I've heard that Carlos Celdran gives good tours of the place, among many others. Anyone want to come with me? It's gonna be fun.

In the meantime, I should get back to the job at hand! I hope I finish soon. My bed is calling!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Death of a Sharpener

My sharpener just died on me today. Can you believe that?! Coz I can't! I was just, as usual, trying so very hard to sharpen my pencil this morning and then suddenly - a crack! The sharpener broke. What a sad, sad day. It's Halloween, too.

It's now time to face the truth that I really do need to buy a new one. I've been putting up with my defective sharpener for four months already because...well, I don't know! I guess I was just hoping that I'd find a way to make it work better, or better yet, that it would miraculously fix itself!

Ok, here's the story. I bought my Staedtler sharpener around July, along with the other materials I needed for design school. When I started using it, it was ok, if a little bit hard to turn. But the more I used it, the more it got harder for me to sharpen my pencil. It felt like the lead on my pencil would break every time I tried to sharpen it. And the lead did break quite a few times, frustratingly. It got so difficult to sharpen my pencil that my hands hurt from gripping the thing so hard and at the same time trying not to break the lead.

Ignorant me, I thought this was all normal. It was my first time to use that sort of contraption, so how would I know, right? Also, I didn't want to believe that such a small thing that I paid so much for would be defective. But I soon got a wake-up call when I left my sharpener at home and so had to borrow from a classmate while doing a seatwork in class. Lo and behold! It was sooo much more easier to sharpen my pencil on my classmate's sharpener which was the same brand and model as mine.

I got kind of depressed when I realized this. That meant I had to buy a new one, or have it fixed or whatever. But I had another idea! Risking high blood pressure, I went to the Staedtler office just near my house to talk to the people there and try to have them replace my sharpener. In the back of my mind though, I was already expecting that they wouldn't since I didn't have the receipt anymore and since this is the Philippines! There is no customer service to speak of in this country!!! What kind of manager would say 'Ay, sorry Miss, hindi ko kasi alam kung paano gamitin 'yan eh'? Apparently, she was that kind of manager. It was so ironic that right at the front of their office was a huge sign that said: Let's talk about quality. Duh! I don't have to tell you that they didn't replace it.

So now we come to today. Today, today, today! I broke my sharpener!!! Haha! Fine, I'm buying a new one. I'm giving up and letting go. Goodbye old sharpener!!! Rest in peace!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Accomplishment

One thing I love about studying Interior Design and being in a school such as the one I’m attending is that I get to meet a lot of new people. In terms of age, for example, the range is pretty wide with the oldest being around 50 and the youngest being around 17. Even if we’re mostly women and gay guys, pick one out of the bunch and you’d still get a pretty unique person with an interesting story or two to tell.

On the other hand, it’s also very challenging to be around people who are not on the same wavelength as you are. This past week, for example, I’ve been working on a group project that required us to report to the class on different types of flooring. It just so happens that half of my group are all busy Moms who have so much more responsibilities other than academic ones. Funny isn’t it, that me, Misty, the least Mommy-est of all, would be grouped with the Mommies of the class! It was definitely interesting. Being out of school for so long, I could sense that they were not sure where to start and how to go about the presentation. So being the recent college graduate, I tried to act as the ‘steerer of topic’ back to what needed to be done as well as the all-around organizer of the group. Here, my patience was really put into practice, especially when they would show signs of being flustered or bogged down with all the to-do lists. I would often tell them to relax because it wasn’t really that much to do and that we could in fact get things done. Other than that though, they were so much fun to be groupmates with! We spent quite a few hours of our meetings eating cake and chit-chatting about random stuff like living wills and the importance of having a bank account that your husband/partner doesn’t know about. Haha!

Although our presentation this morning wasn’t as seamless as I would have liked it to be, I was in a way satisfied because it was really a learning experience for me. This time, it isn’t about the grade. It’s about getting along with other people and doing it well. I would definitely consider that an accomplishment!